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Over the Top Edible Tylose Powder


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Create and decorate like a professional with this high quality Tylose Powder from Over The Top.

  • Knead into fondant to give strength and integrity to your sugar decorations and figurines.  Use 1 tsp per 500g fondant.
  • Transform fondant into a gum paste for modelling figurines, cake toppers etc.
  • Stir 1tsp into 1 cup warm water to create a sugar glue or piping gel.
  • Stabiliser your whipped cream, buttercream, jellies or fondant during humid weather
  • Use as a substitue for gum tragacanth in recipes

Tylose Powder, also known as CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) is used as a strengthening and hardening agent in fondant, as well as a thickener and texture ingredient, which helps products retain moisture.  It's used for so many applications including as a stabilser, emulsifier and thickener in food.  It's superior water-absorbing qualities make it an excellent thickening and strenthening agent including during times of humid weather.

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