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Moreish Cakes More Moist Moisturiser


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“More Moist” has been developed by Monica Cavallaro for wafer paper flower making. After months of testing and recipe trials, we are very excited to finally release it to the public.

'“More Moist” - will create revitalise your wafer paper. Allow you to bend, fold, manipulate your wafer paper in ways that is not possible with straight up sheets from the pack.

More Moist will soften your paper and allow you to work on oodles of projects and has a more soft looking end product. The wafer will dry however it remains supple for a longer period of time.

This product is mixed and bottled in Australia from locally and internationally sourced products.

Contains Alcohol

Ingredients - Ethanol, Alcohol, vegetable Glycerin, artificial flavors and Gum Arabic

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