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Etched Cake Topper - Happy Anniversary - Nella Font

Colour: Gold Mirror

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This simply stunning cake topper is the perfect addition to your cake creation. All Etched Engraving toppers are handmade with care and use the highest quality acrylic, mirror or wood finish.

Size: Designed to fit a 6″ - 8" cake.

Design: Exactly as per picture; there is no variations to this design.

Pick: 90mm in length – perfect if you have flowers or confectionery in your cake design.


Can I Reuse My Topper And How Do I Care For It?

Acrylic cake toppers are reusable and can be immersed in warm soapy water and carefully wiped. Please do not place inside the dishwasher. Our Wooden cake toppers have a food safe stake and can be reused. We recommend that you do not submerge in water. Mirrored acrylic scratches easily so please take care when wiping. We recommend you only damp wipe the stake. All cake toppers should be stored in a box to avoid breakage.

How Do I Put The Topper In To My Cake?

We strongly recommend using a skewer to make a hole and then place the topper into the cake. Do NOT use the text to push the topper in, instead use the stake only. Our toppers are designed to be strong, however if you have selected a script font, they will still be delicate.

We do not replace toppers if you break them when inserting into the cake.

Can Your Toppers Catch Fire?

Yes, they can! They are made from acrylic or wood, which are flammable materials. Do not place candles underneath or close to the topper.

May Cake Is 7” Wide. Will a 6” Cake Still Work?

Yes, our 6” designs work perfectly on a 7” cake, especially if you are adding other decorations to the top. If you would like to upgrade to an 8” design, you can select this.

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