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7.5" x 10"  (25.4cm x 19.05cm) rectangle sheets cakes from 9" x 11" and upwards.

Also suitable for square cakes up to 7.5" square or printing decals for decorating cakes.

7.5" (19.05 cm) pre-cut circle icing sheets are suitable for cakes from 8" (20 cm) and upwards

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1/2 sheets (near A3 size) are suitable for larger sheet cakes and have a printable area of 10" x 16" (25.4 cm x 40.64 cm).


They are also suitable for larger square or round cakes - maximum printable size is a 10" (25.4cm) square or circle.


* PLEASE NOTE: Printed large squares or circles are not pre-cut like the smaller round icing sheets

Great for cupcakes, cookies or macarons.


2" cupcake sheets (5cm diameter), 12 per sheet.  1.5" cupcake sheets (3.8cm diameter), 30 per sheet (this size are suitable for macarons)


PRO TIP: For best results, mount your icing sheets onto rolled fondant plaques  and dry before placing them on your cupcakes.

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